Rules for the Second Biennial Great Welsh Bake Off 2019

Cystadleuaeth Mawr Pobi Picau-ar-y-maen Cymraeg

- This even will take place directly after service at 4:15 pm.
- All entries must be delivered to the downstairs tea room by 2:00 pm.
- There will be two categories, traditional and interpretive.
The contest is open to one and all.
- Minimum quantity per entry is one dozen.
- You may enter in either one or all categories, but the minimum quantity per entry is still one dozen.
- The judging is blind, so please do not put your name on your entry; you will be given a number.
- Please indicate your participation in advance by emailing welshcongregation@gmail.com.

★ There will be prizes awarded in each category! ★

Small print: Points may be awarded (or deducted) for artistic interpretation. All betting should take place outside the church premises, but bribing the judges is unacceptable. Consolation drinks at the pub for the losers recommended.


welsh cakes.jpg

The grand prize winner of our first annual Welsh Cake Bake-Off Contest in 2017, we asked Rosalynd to share her Mam’s prize winning recipe, in honor of St. David's Day:

1 lb of self-raising flour
8 oz of sugar
1 stick of Blue Bonnet margarine
1 stick of butter
A pinch of salt
"About" 3 eggs
Dollops of ❤️

- Beat eggs in bowl, set aside.
- Combine the rest of the ingredients.
- Add in - at first - 2 1/2 eggs. If it is too dry add the rest. If you put it all in initially it may be too wet.
- Add flavoring to taste: cinnamon, nutmeg, currants, cranberries, lemon, orange, whatever takes your fancy!

- If you use a 2 1/2” cutter, this recipe will make about 40 cakes0


Our Grand Prize Winner Rosalynd John with judges Dr. Rev. Matthew P. Harrington and Simon Owen-Williams

Our Grand Prize Winner Rosalynd John with judges Dr. Rev. Matthew P. Harrington and Simon Owen-Williams

Immediately following our June worship service we conducted our first annual Welsh Cake Bake Off Challenge, where there were a total of fourteen entries in two categories! The judges were Dr. Rev. Matthew P. Harrington and Simon Owen-Williams, who chose Rosalynd John's Welsh cakes for both the tradition and non-traditional categories! The overall winner was her non-traditional lemon blueberry Welsh cakes, which had the judges swooning!