Keeping the best of Welsh religious traditions alive and relevant for today's complex times.

Preaching by Rev. Dr. Matthew Harrington
Joyful music directed by Mary Nelson

Come and join us at 3:00 PM the second Sunday of every month,
September through June, and stay for the te bach following the service.


Dewch i ymuno a ni, Eglwys y Cymry Efrog Newydd, ac estynwn gwahoddiad cynnes a chatrefol i’r Cymry a phawb sydd a diddordeb yn ein gwlad ac yn ein ddiwylliant. Unwaith pob mis cynhelir cyfarfod yn Eglwys Rutgers, ar orllewin Manhattan i addoli, i ganu ac i gysylltu.

Mae ein hoedfaon yn dwyiethog peidiwch ag ofni os nad yw eich Cymraeg yn berfaith.

Arweinir y gwasanaeth gan ein bugail doniol Rev. Dr. Matthew Harrington sy’n pregethu yn Seisnig. Darllenir o’r ysgrythur gan siaradwyr Cymraeg. Rydym yn dra ddiolchgar i gael Mary Nelson, un o gerddorwyr mwya telentog y ddinas fel Arweinydd y Gan.

Heblaw oedfaon misol, rydym yn cynnal oedfaon arbennig ar gyfer y Nadolig, Dydd Gwyl Dewi gyda cinio arbennig o oen wedi rostio a cennin; hefyd Cymanfa Ganu blynydddol gyda Cor Cymraeg Rehoboth.

Mae Te Bach ar ol pob oedfa - Dewch a fe gewch croeso cynnes a ddiffuant a cyfle i adnabod ein cymdeithas. 

Our Mission

Services are held on the Second Sunday of the Month (except during the summer hiatus) at 3:00 p.m. hosted at the Rutgers Presbyterian Church, 236 West 73rd Street (just west of Broadway), New York City.
The church is very close to the Seventh Avenue 72nd Street subway station. More information about how to find us is available here.

The services are to be led by Dr. Matthew Harrington, whose tenure is about to begin in September. Mary Nelson is the church's gifted organist whose musical contributions add greatly to the Church services.

The church service is followed by a tê bach to which all are welcome for a good Welsh tea and fellowship. 

In addition to the Christmas Service of Carols, the Church has two great celebrations during the year: The Annual St. David's Service and Dinner in March, and the Cymanfa Ganu, Festival of Song, in April.

We encourage you to join us for these events.

2018-2019 Church Council Cyngor yr eglwys

James Balmer

Chris Evans, Treasurer

Donald Farrow

Colleen Kennedy

Shruti Kulkarni

William Parry

Willie-Mae Perry

Caroline von Reitzenstein, President

Rev. Cyril Jenkins.png

Some History from the late Rev. Cyril Jenkins

"It was not long after our arrival in the USA in 1957 that the Rev. Lewis Jones of Jersey City made contact with me and I soon found out about the existence of the Welsh churches in the megalopolis and beyond. In 1964 a call from Rutgers Church in Manhattan led to many contacts with some of the Cymry of Efrog Newydd, and participation in the Presbytery of New York City introduced me to a little of the history of the growth of the Welsh Church in America over the years.

"I led a weekly Welsh class in the early 70's, and among those who I met were Robert Fowkes, Thomas Bird, Robert Evans and a Margot Adler, staff member of one of the many radio stations of NYC whose interest in Wales came from a reading translation of the Mabinogi. Then in 1979 Olwen Roderick and her brother-in-law Clifford Roderick, together with David Allen requested a meeting with me at Rutgers Church to discuss reviving the Welsh Church in NYC. It was then I had a marvelous lesson on the Welsh in New York City. There had been a Welsh Church on St. Nicholas Avenue in the Bronx and the representatives informed me that there was a sum of money held in escrow which would enable them to pay a rental fee for use of the facilities at Rutgers and to pay an honorarium to both minister and organist.

"The proposition was made to the session of Rutgers about the use of the space and me being asked to officiate as Gweinidog Eglwys y Cymry and that Organist Marshall Williamson would be asked to provide the music. It was approved.

"Things have changed considerably since the beginning of the Welsh Church in Nov. 1979. The current Eglwys y Cymry (Eglwys y Cymry Efrog Newydd) will be 30 years old in November 2009. May all those who are currently members or friends of the Capel be participants in the joyous occasion.